We Don't Have Wedding Photos.

NOW, I hate to come racing out of the gates with a cautionary tale (just ain't my style) but the truth is:

Twenty-one years of married life has gone by in a blink and memories REALLY DO fade. What was once sharp in my mind now has soft edges.  And that young couple is.......not as young. Not hiring an experienced photographer who had the skills to deliver is my single greatest wedding regret.

Fast forward (a few years) and I'm here, fully committed to giving you what we don’t have - your precious beginning.  A beautifully-captured collection of meaningful images that are yours for the next 20 years and beyond. So if you're looking for a (totally likable) wedding photographer who will put as much care into your wedding day as you will, who will go out of her way to make you comfortable and who has the experience to deliver as promised - You've found her.  

You've been searching for a wedding photographer you can trust. One you KNOW cares about your photos as much as you do.  A photographer who will help you become a pro in front of the camera and that you'll actually enjoy being around. Most of all, one you know will bend over backwards to capture every moment of your wedding day and who can deliver what is promised. (I know that's a lot, but wedding days are a big deal, y'all!)

Well, hi there!  I'm Joslyn - a light-chasing, wildflower-loving Texas native. I'm a stickler for details (no really, you can ask the hubby), I LOVE all things flowers and I really really care about my clients.

A Few Of My Favorite Moments

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Three Reasons Why
I'm Your Girl




up to ten hours photography time

Clear directions & help with posing

a team that will capture the moments

Being in front of the camera can be stressful - that huge lens, staring at you. JUDGING. You really want to look your best on your wedding day.  That's why I'll take the time to give clear directions and help you with feeling comfortable in front of the camera so that you can have photos of your BEST self. 

I know that weddings don't always happen on a perfect schedule - every wedding is different!  That's why my full-day wedding collections ALWAYS include up to 10 hours of photography time.  You DON'T have to know your exact timeline before booking me - I'll be there when you need me. 

I'll always have a second photographer with me for important parts of the day - from getting ready and your wedding vows to first dances and flower girl antics.  You can rest assured we'll be there to capture all the beautiful moments and take all the steps needed to protect them.

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